Thursday, September 2, 2010

2nd Week 2nd Year at PSU

Hmm... Where to begin? I'll start with my classes.

-EMECH 211 - It's not too hard of a class especially once my calculus class has pretty much gone over everything so it isn't too complex to understand and to complete. I've had Professor Esparragozza before, but that was in EDSGN 100.
-PHYS 212 - This is my most annoying class cause we have a chapter a week and there's always a quiz on friday where you also have to get the hwk problems done. And those hwk problems are the most annoying thing ever because the way the book words the problems makes it a pain in the ass to do. This class is being taught by Professor Niiler.
-AMSTD 105 - Probably the easiest class ever because of the professor that teaches it. Because it's mainly just watching a ton of movies and reading some books and analyzing them. The professor also comes in late so the first half of the class is usually tons of BS. It's taught by Professor Morein.
-MATH 231 - It's a typical calculus course taught by the awesome Dr. Helou. He does so much detail, but he is the best math professor on our campus. This is only a half semester course.
-CMPSC 200 - It's also an annoying course because the proffessor speeds through his power points and assumes we have a quick memory to somehow remember all the commands for MATLAB. And according to many people he gives you the wrong answer when your answer is correct.

The amount of work i get from these classes are ridiculous which is why i now carry a pocket planner to make sure i don't forget anything. Also this year leads to tons of study groups.

more on college life later.

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