Sunday, August 29, 2010

1 week over!

Well as the title says. I just finished my first week of college as a sophomore.
I had a lot of mainstream classes i had to take this year so it was a lot of work; well at least for mondays, wednesday, and fridays. Those days require me to carry 2 bags at once. But i think the hardest out of my classes may be my PHYS 212 class or my other math based classes. I'm just happy that my American Studies class is a lot of BS. anyways more updates later, since I need to finish work.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

AH! Back to work!

Yea, I just started my 3rd semester 2 days ago, and i know that I will be overwelmed by 3.5 out of 5 of my classes. All i need to do is make sure i don't procrastinate, so that means no bringing my DS to campus anymore and magic cards as well. I may bring my scriptbook and sketchbook in order to work on FFQuest, but I will be time managing more often now. I'm just lucky that my American Studies professor is really easy according to many people and that I only have calculus for half the semester, but that doesnt mean i can slack off.
Keep me in prayer not to fail!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Slow updates at least artwise

Yea with my semester starting this upcoming Monday, and the classes i'm taking, i doubt i'll get that much artwork done. I recently finished a practice flash on frame by frame. Limit Break is what it is. And yea...
I'm enrolled in i think 5 classes for 15 credits. but they're all mostly relevant to my major which means i'll have to work my ass off again... >.<*

"The idle man does not know what it is to enjoy rest. ~ Albert Einstein"

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Final Fantasy Quest Project

*Sigh* hey guys, only a few days left of summer and before my semester starts again. Which means less time for me to work on artsy stuff. Anyways Chapter 1 part B is underway; i'm just making some tweaks here and there to see how it should look and what not. I should really start doing storyboards for these, but normally they're too much of a hassle to deal with. Oh well. Anyways I'd really hope that Murphy's law stop interfering with me whenever I come close to meeting Quest.

More to come later on life.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Otakon Report Pt. 2

This time I actually slept on the bed Friday night because my feet were so sore from walking around in dress shoes on Friday and then the long trek uphill back to the hotel. I was cosplaying Teito Klein from 07-Ghost that day, but only for a short while because it was a different outfit and it kept falling apart in some small places so I decided to change out around 3'oclock when I was at my other group of friends' hotel(since I was switching to theirs anyways) I did get some pics that day but not too many.
Doctor Who meets 07-Ghost crossover
After moving my stuff from the Mount Vernon hotel to the Renaissance hotel, we decided to grab food from 5 Guys and then eat it at the hotel cause it was way too crowded in there. One of my friends, Cass decided to play Castle Crashers in which I joined him while his older brother Brandon crashed on one of the beds, and our other friend Tyler was playing God of War on a tv they brought.
In the middle of playing, Brandon received a text that some idiot pulled the firealarm thinking that they were awesome; however they were caught on security camera, and the staff had to evacuate 30,000 con goers in 30 minutes. This ended up disappointing a lot of people and pissing them off.
Photo courtesy of my friend Katie of the Evacuation
After playing games, they decided to check some panels and get ready for the rave; I decided to rest a bit and then change to better attire for walking around. I then proceeded in calling another group of friends since we were all supposed to meet up but then things backfired. My friend Pat met up with me because I sometimes get directionally challenged, so he found me and directed me to the Inuyasha panel he, Katie, and Amanda were at, but it really wasn't about Inuyasha too much so we left. Which we then left to get food but most places were closed including a McDonalds. Luckily we found a 7-11 which we got some stuff from their shelves to satiate our stomachs. We then proceeded to another panel that was about making fun of your favorite videogames; where we had to wait outside for 1.5 hrs. While waiting we ran into another one of our friends from campus.
Shenanigans of my friends with photobombing
After the panel--- actually during the panel we got seperated, well to be more specific Chris and I got separated from Katie, Amanda, and Pat; in which after the panel was over we were still separated. Then Chris had to get back to his hotel in which I proceeded in meeting up with Brandon and Cass because Cass previously gave me the hotel key if I wanted to go back early. We originally had plans to stay up all night, but that didn't pan out because Brandon and Tyler fell asleep before Cass and I did and then we got tired of playing videogames and fell asleep around 4.

Nothing much except some clearances on stuff in the dealers' room. I bought a Doctor Who poser and a small wire dragon thing. Pretty much just walked around the area of Baltimore until checkout time with the car. We grabbed 5 Guys again for lunch and then I kinda passed in and out of consciousness in the carride. And nothing else really.

Things I've learned at Otakon:
- Pre-reg is sometimes better to go to at night.
- If you're going to the rave do it on Friday since Saturday lines get long
- Pay attention on meal times especially dinner, since many places close by 10-11
- Make sure the hotel is close by if you have a lot of stuff [buying or cosplaywise]

and that's about it.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Otakon Report

I took the metro with my friday-saturday roommates from 30th street station to the Penn Station in Baltimore. It was originally thought to be 30 dollars but it was 69 bucks. >.< fail on my friend's part when she was informing me of some parts. Like how the distance from the station to our hotel wasn't that far as well as the distance from the hotel to the convention center wasn't far either. We stayed in the Mount Vernon hotel.
Anyways we decided to head to the Baltimore Convention Center in hopes of getting our badges and pre-reg. stuff early.  Bad luck for us. Pre-reg didn't open til 3 PM for us and it started to thunderstorm. I was very unfortunate since I had a white shirt on; luckily a vendor nearby was selling rain ponchos. Everybody got really soaked and their receipts became invalid. It was about 3.5 hours of waiting and slow moving until we finally got our badges; where we then got food at the Hard Rock Cafe(it was expensive!not going there anymore) and then we crashed back at the hotel changed and skipped dinner. I didn't feel like sleeping on the bed so I made a bed on the floor in the corner and slept there.
Makeshift Bed

Woke up around 5:30 since I had sensitive hearing  and one of my roommates were snoring. Our hotel was having a deal when my friend booked it so we got complimentary free breakfast. After eating breakfast, Rob and I changed into our costumes pretty easily, but Theri had problems with hers, so we didn't leave until 9:30ish. But even then there were long lines already outside the con center for getting badges and entrance.

This was the end of the line that looped twice!
But eventually I made it in. And proceeded to wander around. I was in my Izaya Orihara cosplay from Durarara! that day, but it wasn't til I met up with my friend Cody that I got mobbed with photos. I called and asked where he was since I pretty much finished exploring the general areas of the convention center in 5 minutes (I have fast walking skills), and decided to hang with him since I had nothing better to do. So we went to a panel for the Miyazaki movie Ponyo. We at first thought it was in Japanese, but thankfully it wasn't. Otherwise I would be reading the subtitles aloud for Cody since his shades weren't prescription.

After that it was pretty much wandering around the dealer's room and resting with Cody's roommates. And I mean a lot of resting. Since the both of us had to walk around in dress shoes and hot clothing, and deal with people snapping photos of us inside and outside. This was mainly to kill time before the Durarara! photoshoot; which wasn't until 7 PM at the outside fountains. So we got some substance in our stomachs, (not too much in Cody's case because his metabolism was messed up with his sleep) which was Water Ice, and then in my case sharing a forced upon gyro from one of Cody's roommates because she couldn't finish it (which I was secretly grateful for; since I didn't really have lunch). And then before we knew it, it was time for the photoshoot.

There weren't alot of people in the convention center dressed as Durarara! characters, but at the shoot there were tons. Pictures were normal combinations and the typical expected stuff; as well as some small requests. For example: stomping on phones, Shizuo vs. Izaya, etc.
Then the charge of the photoshoot got some strange requests, so then Cody and I decided to leave. We went to Aunt Auntie's and got those lemonade mixer stuff. Which then as we were walking across the street a person decides to take a photo which was slightly amusing according to him, since the characters that my friend and I were dressed up as are rivals and fight a lot; so the sight of them drinking something together as friends was funny I suppose. Anyways it was pretty late by then so we took a small sitting break, which failed because strangers kept talking to us inside the con, and then eventually headed back to our separate hotels to rest. We both didn't bother with the rave that was happening because our feet were too sore.

----will continue Saturday and Sunday summaries next post----------------

Started Blogging Now

I decided to basically start blogging. It's something new, and I can update people on stuff in my life without filling up the facebook feed. Anyways, the only thing recent besides my semester starting again soon, is the fact that I got back from Otakon. There weren't too many great cosplays this year and there was a lot more walking. I'll post pics later on.